Racism & Xenophobia

Ms. Lisitsa’s prejudice against the Ukrainian people and other groups is very pronounced. She regularly tweets how primitive the Ukrainian culture and people are: that Ukrainians are pigs,  mentally ill and so on. She regularly mocks Ukrainian national colors and symbols. She also mocks people with mental illness and with Down Syndrome.
In the post below Lisitsa is mocking Ukrainians wearing traditional attire as “tribal” with a sarcastic jab implying that the practice of doing so is primitive. Aside from fake news where she suggested teachers in the Ukrainian city Odessa were forced to wear “Ukrainian tribal dress”, the comparison of Ukrainian teachers in their traditional national attire with African villagers is clearly intended to be derogatory, insulting both Ukrainians and people of African origin and implying that it is inferior to European customs.


Lisitsa often says her tweets are taken out of context. If to look at the full discussion around this tweet at https://twitter.com/ValLisitsa/status/504972900936712192/photo/1, we find more insults. Please note, blue and yellow colors are colors of the Ukrainian national flag.

Valentina Lisitsa

Lisitsa shows Ukrainians as “pigs”

Valentina Lisitsa 4

Great Ukrainian Wall as imagined from the Ukrainian side – and as seen from outside of the asylum. Original tweet is here: https://twitter.com/ValLisitsa/status/510685860254470144
Dehumanizing imagery clearly implies the comparison of Ukrainians to pigs, while also describing Ukraine as a [mental] asylum. Lisitsa’s Tweets are replete with other references to Ukrainians as “pigs,” as well as claims that all patriotic Ukrainians are mentally ill. She writes: “I really think the whole former Ukraine is a site of giant CIA experiment in mind-altering drugs”.

Lisitsa calls Ukrainians mentally ill

Mental illness2Original tweet can be visited here: https://twitter.com/ValLisitsa/status/501465233345757184

Mental illness

Original tweet can be visited here: https://twitter.com/ValLisitsa/status/504985236292513792
Ms. Lisitsa shamelessly belittles those with Down Syndrome by using the genetic disorder as a put­‐down against Carl Bildt (Sweden’s former Prime Minister and current Minister of Foreign Affairs, who does not have Down Syndrome). She is mocking Ukrainian national colors too. Original tweet here: https://twitter.com/ValLisitsa/status/537759675367059457



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