Ukrainians are “dog sh*t”

Ms. Lisitsa is fervently denying this tweet and so we decided to focus on it to understand what is going on. Once again, it is up to the reader to make their final conclusions.
We could not find the original tweet, but Ms. Lisitsa was eager to share it yet again, though she edited the original tweet with Photoshop added on June 5, 2015. So we posted her photo-shopped tweet.
On August 22, 2014 Ms. Lisitsa tweeted:
            ” More correct to say: Dear conscious Ukrainians! I will never get tired of reminding you that you are dog shit. Thank you for your attention”.
On June 5, 2015, she tweeted the photo-shopped version of that tweet from 2014 and said: “You repeat UCC [Ukrainian Canadian Council] lies. Enlightened Ukrainians or Свідомі українці is self-titled social media hate group.
Svidomi ukraincciWe would like to believe that too, however there are a number of items that just don’t cut it.
Let’s us outline those concerns and please be free to decide where the truth is:
1. First, “свідомі українці” translated as “conscious/enlightened Ukrainians”, as Ms. Lisitsa uses it in the original tweet, is a well known xenophobic slur in war propaganda to demean those Ukrainians who don’t want to see totalitarian and blood soaked regime of Putin to spread to Ukraine and want their native country to develop following European democratic route. Ms. Lisitsa, who has over 15000 tweets boasting of that propaganda, likely knows that.
2. When she accuses the UCC, a reputable official organization Ukrainian Canadian Council representing Ukrainians in Canada which condemned Lisitsa’s hateful material, it looks like a desperate personal revenge than anything else, since her photo-shopped tweet is full of lies.
3. The group name that Lisitsa addresses in her initial and a follow up tweet a YEAR LATER is “Свідомі Українці Стаханова” (Conscious Ukrainians of Stakhanov). Ms. Lisitsa conveniently tries to cover/hide the full name of group by using Photoshop (see below, we circle it in yellow where Ms. Lisitsa hides the full name with Photoshop shapes). Even when she tries to defend herself she writes “Свідомі українці” with capital “C”, not “свідомі українці” as stated in original tweet. That is suspicious in itself.Svidomi Ukrainci2

Svidomi ukraincci_yellow

 Logo of the group allegedly referred to by Ms. Lisitsa. Svidomi ukrainci logo
Svidomi ukrainci Stahanova
 4. Let’s look at the tweet by Свідомі Українці Стаханова” (Conscious Ukrainians of Stakhanov) that Lisitsa is allegedly responding to. It is a parody/satire advertisement debunking the despicable lies of LifeNews about crucified people by Ukrainian army, including news about a crucified boy. Hence, the satire advertisement is actually debunking those lies. LifeNews is a Russian news website and 24-hour television channel, created rather recently in 2013. In September 2014 Ukraine’s National Council of Television banned LifeNews for spreading war propaganda. Isn’t “Satire and hyperbole are the best literature tools to combat lies” as Ms. Lisitsa claims?
5. Let’s look at the group itself in case Ms. Lisitsa actually addresses them. She never uses their full name of “Свідомі Українці Стаханова”, but rather leaves off the last word, and focuses on “свідомі українці” (conscious Ukrainians), what is a commonly known slur for Ukrainians against the Russian invasion. We could not locate a Twitter account of the group, but we found their account with the same logo in other social media, so we tend to believe these are same people. Let us introduce to you: “Свідомі Українці Стаханова” (Conscious Ukrainians of Stakhanov):

Svidomi ukrainci

The first thing you see on their profile is : United Ukraine! #PRAY FOR UKRAINE. They have an image of  famous national poet of Ukraine: Taras Shevchenko in their logo. This is a group of people from the Ukrainian town of Stakhanov in Eastern Ukraine, with a population of 122,000 in the Lugansk region, which is occupied by Russian terrorists at the moment. The content suggests they are trying to debunk war propaganda and present reports by credible sources, such as Vice News on the presence of Russian Federation military forces in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Ms. Lisitsa thinks it is rather “hateful” to pray for your own country in time when fellow humans are killed just for holding the Ukrainian flag in their own country and wish it not to be dismembered via military invasion. So, if in fact Ms. Lisitsa addresses this group, she basically called patriots from Eastern Ukraine “dog shit”and feels it is perfectly justified.

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