Supporting Terrorism

Ms. Lisitsa glorifies a well known terrorist leader Igor Girkin (Strelkov), a Russian citizen with a background in Russian military who was among the first initiators of terrorist attacks in the East of Ukraine. Kremlin propaganda is working around the clock to sell in media its invasion of Ukraine as a “civil war”, but they could not even find local leaders and imported them from Russia. Girkin (Strelkov) was the one who reported that a presumably Ukrainian plane was shot down by his team on July 17, 2014, which happened to be not a Ukrainian plane but Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. Close to 300 innocent people died in this horrific terrorist attack. These are the people Ms. Lisitsa reveres on her Twitter.

Valentina Lisitsa terrorism support 3

Here is a full Twitter discussion around this Tweet:
Lisitsa continues discussion by sharing a photo-shopped tweet comparing appearance of Girkin to Lord Byron (22 January 1788 – 19 April 1824) , one of the greatest British poets and leading figure in the Romantic movement, and tweets: “Ha! It’s his twin brother.”, to which Lisitsa’s fans are responding: ” a lord in his own right anyway” and “Many Novorossiya-warriors [men+women] are hero’s who deserve 2b painted & remembered till eternity!” with Lisitsa choosing the last message as her favourite.

Girkin_glorifying Girkin_glorifying 2

We find this discussion rather celebratory of Mr. Girkin and now that it is pointed to Lisitsa, she does not bother to remove the tweet, on the contrary she finds it appropriate to republish it and mock this page.

Glorifying Girkin _Lisitsa response

We wonder what families of victims on MH17, who sued Mr. Girkin will feel about the initial Twitter exchange of Ms. Lisitsa on Girkin and her recent follow-up.
Ms. Lisitsa is rather comfortable to personally participate in public displays of Russian led aggression and terrorism in Ukraine, which has already resulted in 7000 dead, close to 200000 injured and over million displaced. She proudly wears an orange-black ribbon (adopted by Russian-led terrorist groups) and is among flags of republics artificially created and imposed by the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine and not recognized by any country;  in fact, the republics are on the sanction list of Canada, US and EU.
Valentina Lisitsa terrorism support 4Following a closed door meeting at the Russian Embassy, Lisitsa traveled to city of Donetsk in June 2015, which is presently occupied by armed groups classified as terrorists in Ukraine. She took pictures with and accepted flowers from terrorists’ leader in charge of those who shot down MH17, as international investigation shows. Please read more on this story on our Concert in Donetsk page.

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