Canada Scandal Aftermath

Following cancellations of her performances in Toronto, Ms. Lisitsa gave numerous interviews to present herself as a victim of censorship. Nobody is shutting down her Twitter or Facebook and she has more media attention than ever. How is then her freedom of speech impaired?
She came up with all possible explanations for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra cancelling, including their CEO aiming at big politics and that he needs support of the Ukrainian diaspora. Though she says her knowledge of Canadian politics is limited, it does not prevent her to make rather strong accusations about TSO senior management. It just shows how much prejudice Ms. Lisitsa displays, unable to take any responsibility for her toxic words and images on Twitter. She also fails to understand that the press in Canada that supported her PR has own political leanings and used this PR to their advantage in the ongoing pre-election campaign.
In the interview to the Russian press she is comfortable to suggest that the Ukrainian diaspora is primitive and is not cultured, and doesn’t intersect with the classic music. These are rather desperate attempts of Ms. Lisitsa to whitewash her hateful tweets, put a blame on others and continue showing her prejudice against the Ukrainian people, who proved her wrong during peaceful and elegant protests in Calgary, where young members of the community, aspiring musicians, played Chopin, Mozart and Glinka.

Ms. Lisitsa states: “Я вообще в классическом музыкальном бизнесе уже немало лет и должна, к сожалению, сказать, что обычно у украинской диаспоры пути с классической музыкой не пересекаются. Можно играть что-то этническое, ходить в вышиванках и петь, и тогда поддержка будет, но с классической музыкой… для меня это было очень подозрительно. Единственное, что могло быть, – кто-то дал денег оркестру только из-за того, что я украинка. Им не важно, кто я, что я и как играю, это основывается, так сказать, на кровных связях.”

Translation: “I have been in the classic music business for many years and regret to say that usually Ukrainian diaspora and classic music do not intersect. One can play something ethnic, walk around in the Ukrainian embroidered shirt and sing – then they support, but with classic music…. it was very suspicious for me. The only thing that might have happened, – someone gave money to the orchestra [Toronto Symphony Orchestra] only because I was Ukrainian. They did not care how I play, it was based on blood ties, so to speak.”
In the same interview. Ms. Lisitsa threatens to sue journalists so others won’t follow [speak against her] and she says she can also make the orchestra [Toronto Symphony Orchestra] go bankrupt, since they are not in the best financial situation. Ms. Lisitsa spews lies, stereotypes, and prejudice on her Twitter aimed at inciting hatred yet she demands her freedom of speech to be respected, while others can’t debunk those lies and speak against hatred and violence promotion. Double standards at their best.

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