Music is Never Hatred and Violence

Valentina Lisitsa is using her popularity and timeless classic music written by legendary composers as a platform to promote hatred and violence. A musician is expected to bring beauty, love, humanity and culture into our societies. Ms. Lisitsa’s public comments about different ethnic and cultural groups are obscene and by no means constitute “a political view” as she presents it to media. She mocks Ukrainian and Jewish people, among others, people with Down Syndrome, people with mental illness, calls Ukrainians “dog sh-t”, “pigs” and “nazi”, mocks Jewish menorah symbol, uses heavy racist slurs, calls on Russia to hold NATO war prisoners parade, with NATO and Ukrainian flags stacked in defeat – she PUBLICLY incites hate and aggression; her choice of words and images is unacceptable.


1. All artists are entitled to hold and publicly share their political views; however, Ms. Lisitsa has moved far beyond political speech. Her views are derogatory, divisive, and hateful with no constructive political purpose other than incite hatred and violence.
2. Art institutions and organizations hosting concerts have a responsibility to disassociate themselves from views that are hateful, divisive, derogatory, and against the public good.
3. Musicians have a responsibility to their art form, to their talent, and to the creative works of the composers whose music they play, to celebrate and support humanity. Ms. Lisitsa uses her platform as a musician to espouse toxic views.
As we ask you to boycott Ms. Lisista’s performances, we remind you that this is not censorship. THIS IS A REFUSAL TO ASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH A PERSON WHO REPEATEDLY AND PUBLICLY INSULTS, MOCKS, DERIDES, and BELITTLES YOUR FELLOW HUMANS.

Valentina Lisitsa 099

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