Mocking Commemoration of WWII

 In 2014 Ukraine adopted the red poppy, a symbol of commemorating the victims of the atrocities of WWII and marking the victory over Nazi regime of Hitler. Red poppy symbol is also used in many European countries, Canada and the USA to remember the fallen heroes and honour veterans. Ms. Lisitsa finds it appropriate to use feminine hygiene products to mock the symbol of commemorating of about 10 million Ukrainian people dead in WWII* and honouring war veterans. She calls it  “clumsy campaign #Never Again to commemorate WWII” referring to Ukraine’s “Never Again” commemoration activities and symbols. She tweets in Russian (translated): “Kotex is greeting Ukraine with the holiday. And even lace panties into the bargain.”
*During the WWII Ukraine lost more people than the combined losses of Great Britain, Canada, Poland, USA and France. The total Ukrainian losses are estimated at 8-10 million lives.
WWII Commemoration

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