Media Coverage

1) Why Ms. Lisitsa was fired.

2) Valentina Lisitsa’s vitriol: Nazi rhetoric or music to your ears?

3) Would you let Valentina Lisitsa play your piano? I wouldn’t.

4) Trojan Horse of Russian propaganda – the case of Valentina Lisitsa.

5) Valentina Lisitsa concerts cancelled for racism and hate speech

6) Peaceful protests in Calgary, Canada called “classy” by spectators and media.

7) Les propos racistes de la pianiste Valentina Lisitsa provoquent des manifestations à Calgary (Canada)

8) Canadian CBC radio interview with Ms. Lisitsa and Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) explaining the reasons for TSO cancelling the performances.

9) Article by Heather Meyers and Cory Miller, both are teachers of the vocal arts at the Music Conservatory in Calgary and have sung on the stages of Carnegie Hall, New York; La Scala, Milan; Chicago Lyric Opera; San Francisco Opera and the former New York City Opera.

10. KLM Cancels Lisitsa: My Story of Fighting Hate and War Promotion

Valentina Lisitsa


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