KLM Cancels Lisitsa

KLM cancels Ms. Lisitsa from their in-flight entertainment over her offensive tweets and support of Russia-backed terrorists


A Ukrainian-Canadian Dr. Inna Platonova (Inna Thorn on Facebook), who has been helping orphaned children from war-torn Donbas evacuated to her home Odesa region for over a year as well as well being active in debunking Kremlin propaganda, was traveling on a KLM flight on her way from Ukraine, where she delivered help for orphaned children, to Canada. During last bit of her travel she wanted to listen to some music and while scrolling down the music list was shocked to see Valentina Lisitsa being featured. She took the screenshot and upon arrival sent to KLM the following message on Facebook on August 24, 2014:
20150823_022739“I traveled this August with ‪#‎KLM‬ fro Canada to Netherlands and then to Ukraine and was appalled to see Valentina ‪#‎Lisitsa‬ being featured in your in-flight entertainment.
This year Ms. Lisitsa contract and concerts were cancelled by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra because of her heinous tweets where she calls Ukrainians “dog shit”, “pigs”, “nazi” and celebrates terrorists responsible for taking down ‪#‎MH17‬ and killing close to 300 people on board including nearly 200 Dutch citizens.
I am certain the Dutch airline company KLM will reconsider their decision about including a xenophobic performer in their entertainment programming after being informed about Mr. Lisitsa’s other performance. Thank you for your attention to this matter.” She also added a link to this website: https://valentinalisitsainfo.wordpress.com/supporting-terrorism/
KLM responded immediately: “Dear Inna, thank for bringing this to our attention. We will investigate this further internally and take appropriate measures.”More people wrote to KLM as well with similar concerns.
On August 26, 2015 KLM replied:
“Dear Inna en Dmitry. First of all, please accept our apologies for the delay in the reply. We do appreciate passengers who reach out to us and point out something as sensitive and fragile as this matter. Our organization still mourns for the loss of the countless innocent lives lost on the MH17 flight. We regret that we were not able to catch this before, but have taken immediate action. The artist will be removed from the playlist in our Inflight Entertainment as soon as possible. Thank you once again for being observant and notifying us about this immediately.”
Other people who contacted KLM received the same reply. It is clear that after investigation KLM chose to disassociate themselves from a xenophobic performer Lisitsa.
Lisitsa has been and remains rather fond off Russia-backed terriorists responsible for insurgency, death and distruction in East Ukraine. These are the people responsible for downing MH17.  Girkin is formally charged for a total of $900 million by the families of the passengers on board of MH17 for his Kremlin-backed forces firing at the Boeing 777 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. He was also the same person who, following attack, said that the bodies were not fresh and victims died long before the plane took off.
Following a private meeting and closed door performance at the Russian Embassy in Ottawa after concert cancellations by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra earlier this year, Ms. Lisitsa announced a concert in the occupied Donetsk. It is unlikely for a musician to be able to travel to Donetsk by simply having an agent book a venue. In June 2015 she traveled to parts of East Ukraine held by the Russia-backed armed groups classified by Ukraine as terrorists. She crossed the border illegally from Russia. During her visit, she was photographed with and took flowers from the terrorist leader Aleksander Zakharchenko, the person in command of those who shot down MH17 last year. Zakharchenko himself (as well as the groups he leads) is subject to Canada, US & EU sanctions imposed following their vicious and deadly attacks on civilians in the region. Lisitsa’s affection and support of those who bring death and destruction in East Ukraine and who are responsible for shooting down MH17 is obvious and is not a result of our imagination but of Lisitsa’s actions and tweets, for which she does not seem to want to take any responsibility.
Currently Lisitsa is attempting a character assassination of her opponent who contacted KLM instead of apologizing and taking responsibility for her heinous tweets. Her Twitter followers that include many Putin supporters and trolls launched a campaign to boycott KLM and support their “Russian classical Singer Valentina Lisitsa”, yes “Singer”. There are a lot of talents of Lisitsa that we are unaware off. Original tweet is here https://twitter.com/marcelsardo/status/637270778581487616
KLM boycottKremlin propaganda did not wait to jump on the opportunity to misrepresent this case. One of the key Kremlin-run propaganda channels RT, which is banned in Ukraine for spreading war propaganda and whose journalists have left the network because of falsified reporting about MH17, falsely reports about the initial inquiry to KLM: “She alleged that Lisitsa … had praised the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine in July 2014.”
The message to KLM publicly available for everyone to see clearly states that Lisitsa “celebrates terrorists responsible for taking down ‪#‎MH17‬ and killing close to 300 people on board including nearly 200 Dutch citizens”. That is, she celebrates the terrorists who shot down MH17. The message does not refer to Lisitsa “celebrating” the downing itself. The message also had a link to the tweets that support such a statement.
The KLM passenger who complained started receiving threats and vulgar messages both on Twitter and Facebook from Lisitsa supporters because of the smear campaign by Lisitsa and RT.
Threats re KLM
Vulgar messages
Please read the complete account of this story.

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